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Natural Phosphate Binder for Ponds: Non-Chemical Replacement for ALUM

Natural Phosphate Binder (Plant-Based Formula)

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Natural Phosphate Binder for Ponds
Item # X3-PF45-SC
$184.99 / 45 lb Pail


  • Non-chemically binds phosphate
  • Provides approximately 70 trace chemicals
  • Buffers pH


Apply 2.5 lbs. per acre foot of water (325,829 gallons) to reduce phosphorous levels by approximately .05 ppm. Application rates vary depending on phosphorus levels. Normal application rates are 3-5 pounds per acre foot.
This dosage can be applied every 2-4 weeks until desired phosphate levels are achieved. For best results, our phosphate binder powder should be pre-mixed with water and spray-applied over the surface of the pond.
Store unused product in a sealed container to avoid humidity. Product will absorb moisture and solidify if stored in high humidity areas.

High levels of phosphates can occur in ponds for a number of reasons including fertilizer runoff and an overpopulation of fish. Excess phosphate can result in a number of water quality problems. All Natural Phosphate Binder attaches to problem-causing phosphates and renders them inactive. This non-chemical product is environmentally friendly and can also be used as an all-natural replacement for aluminum sulfate (ALUM). Our phosphate binder is ideal for golf course ponds and water features because it is a natural pond treatment that will not harm fish, irrigation water or turfgrass.

Phosphate Binder as an Alternative to Aluminum Sulfate in Ponds

Our non-chemical phosphate binder is an all-natural alternative to aluminum sulfate (ALUM) for controlling problem-causing phosphates in pond water. Our non-chemical phosphate binder improves water quality and stimulates beneficial pond bacteria, by adding 70 beneficial trace minerals to help stimulate and support the growth of beneficial pond bacteria. This product aids in naturally reducing increased levels of ammonia in ponds or lakes. Phosphate binder for ponds causes some flocculation or settling of suspended mud and clay particles, which helps to enhance the overall water clarity in ponds and other water features.