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All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw Formula

All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw
(8 oz Water-Soluble Packets)

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All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw
Item # X3-PB10-B-8P-SC
$149.99 / 10 lb Pail - 20 Packets
All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw
Item # X3-PB25-B-8P-SC
$299.00 / 25 lb Pail - 50 Packets


When used regularly this product:
  • Reduces murky water
  • Reduces bottom sludge (muck)
  • Performs in water temperatures as low as 35°F
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate


Apply 8 packets per surface acre every 2-4 weeks or as needed.
Apply product around the edges of the pond for best results.

This 2-in-1 product naturally achieves clear and clean water in ornamental ponds, irrigation lakes and farm ponds. This natural pond bacteria formulation has been conveniently packaged in pre-measured 8 oz water-soluble packets. It is designed for use in large ponds and lakes to naturally reduce murky water, sludge (muck), odors and problem nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate.

How to Use Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw

This pond bacteria formulation is easy to use and can be tossed in directly to the pond water. The 8 oz water-soluble packets will dissolve within minutes of application.

For the initial treatment on problem lakes or ponds, we recommend adding 12-16 packets per surface acre to “jump start” the bacteria colonies.

Barley Straw Formula Pond Bacteria for Cleaning Pond Water

When used as recommended, our pond bacteria and barley straw formula will eliminate murky water caused by organic wastes, bottom sludge (muck) and odors. This formulation also reduces high level of problem nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates. It also creates and maintains healthy water and a balanced eco-system. Overall, our 2-in-1 formulation of beneficial pond bacteria and pulverized barley straw work together to promote a healthy, natural pond environment.