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All-Season Pond Bacteria: Safe and Natural Pond Bacteria

All-Season Pond Bacteria (1 oz Dissolvable Blocks)

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All-Season Pond Bacteria
Item # X3-PB10-1B-SC
$149.99 / 10 lb Pail - approx. 160 Blocks
All-Season Pond Bacteria
Item # X3-PB25-1B-SC
$299.00 / 25 lb Pail - approx. 400 Blocks


When used regularly this product:
  • Reduces bottom sludge (muck)
  • Reduces murky water
  • Performs in water temperatures as low as 35°F
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate


Apply 60 blocks per surface acre every 2-4 weeks or as needed.
Apply product around the edges of the pond for best results.

Super’s Choice All-Season Pond Bacteria is an all-natural formulation of beneficial pond bacteria for use in large ponds and lakes. This product is designed to naturally reduce murky water as well as the bottom-sludge (muck) that accumulates at the bottom of ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes.

All-Natural Formula

Our All-Season Pond Bacteria is made from natural ingredients and contains NO harsh chemicals making it safe for humans, animals, fish and plants. This pond bacteria formulation is composed of a variety of beneficial bacteria and is ideal for use in a variety of ponds including golf course irrigation ponds, koi ponds and other decorative and ornamental water features. Golf course Superintendents use our pond bacteria to reduce sludge and muck in large ponds or lakes while improving the overall water quality and odors associated with eutrophic ponds.

How Pond Bacteria Works

Super’s Choice pond bacteria blocks are designed to break down decaying organic plant wastes in ponds or lakes. The beneficial pond bacteria use decaying plant material and other organic wastes as a food source. As the beneficial bacteria digest these wastes the sludge at the bottom of the pond is reduced. Adding our natural pond bacteria can restore the ideal balance of the natural bacteria to your pond or lake and will significantly improve water quality and reduce unwanted organic pollutants. The beneficial pond bacteria also reduce problem nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate which enter the pond through fertilizer run off or natural biodegradation of plant and animal wastes.

How to Use Pond Bacteria

Super’s Choice pond bacteria blocks are quick and easy to use.  These 1 oz dissolvable blocks are uniquely designed to treat bottom sludge. The blocks sink to the bottom of the pond and slowly release of beneficial pond bacteria into the sludge layer. For smaller ponds add the pond bacteria blocks to your skimmer or pump intake. The beneficial bacteria will pass through your filters and can be distributed throughout the entire pond by your fountain or aerator.

Reducing Aquatic Pollution with Pond Bacteria

Lakes accumulate the sludge layer (muck) at the bottom of the pond as plants decay and animal wastes are deposited. Dead and decaying plants release problem-causing phosphorus and nitrogen into the water. Our beneficial pond bacteria will feed on the organic muck, naturally removing it from the bottom of your ponds and lakes without the use of chemicals. Organic pollution and sludge in the form of dead plants is a common problem for golf course ponds. We highly recommend our Super’s Choice pond bacteria as a solution to your muck problems.