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We are seeking Super's Choice Distributors in select geographical regions. We offer offer premium products, exclusive territories, technical support and generous margins. Please contact us to discuss opportunities, by filling out the form below. We will contact you back the next business day.

Natural Pond Maintenance Products: Super's Choice Product Line

Benefits of Super's Choice Pond Maintenance Products

Thank you for your interest in wanting to distribute the Super's Choice line of safe and effective pond maintenance products. As a Distributor, you will enjoy an exclusive territory, innovative products, high margins and free technical support. You will find our premium pond products easy to sell, especially to golf course Superintendents, since they are safe for use in ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes. Our environmentally friendly pond products are:

  • A full line of innovative products
  • Made with safe and effective ingredients
  • Superior value compared to chemicals and other pond products
  • Easy to apply
  • Contain no harsh chemicals
  • Safe for humans, fish, animals and plants (including turfgrass)

Distributing Natural Pond Maintenance Products to Golf Course Superintendents

The Super's Choice line of pond maintenance products includes all-natural, environmentally friendly pond products designed especially for golf course Superintendents. These products are manufactured with natural, safe and effective ingredients that do not include harsh chemicals. If you are looking to distribute environmentally friendly pond maintenance products, become a Super's Choice Distributor!

Super's Choice Natural Pond Bacteria

We offer two Super's Choice bacteria formulations: All-Season Pond Bacteria (1 oz Dissolvable Packets) and All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz Water Soluble Packets). These pond bacteria products are designed for golf course Superintendents and will work in water temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. These products will keep pond water clean and clear by eliminating organic wastes that cause murky water, odors and bottom sludge. The beneficial pond bacteria in our formulation will eliminate these organic wastes and create clear, clean water, naturally! Pond Bacteria is a safe, natural method to eliminate murky water, odors and bottom sludge (muck) from golf course irrigation ponds and lakes.

Super's Choice Concentrated BLUE and BLACK Lake Dye

Lake and Pond Dye can be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of ornamental ponds and lakes on golf courses. In addition, the Super's Choice Concentrated Liquid Lake Dyeis available in both BLUE and BLACK and can effectively be used in irrigation ponds. Our dyes will not stain fish, humans or wildlife when used as recommended.

Super's Choice Pond Clarifier

Super's Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier is a concentrated pond flocculant, used to clear up murky water caused by suspended organic particles. This product offers a safer way to clear up murky water caused by mud & clay.

Super's Choice Natural Phosphate Binder

Super's Choice Natural Phosphate Binder is a plant-based, non-chemical alternative to aluminum sulfate (ALUM). It can be used to reduce problem levels of phosphate that occurs in golf course lakes as a result of fertilizer runoff. This product also adds 70 trace minerals and helps to settle out mud & clay particles.

If you are a Golf Course Superintendent, please contact us directly to find a Distributor in your area.