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Tips for Achieving Clear Pond Water

Pond Products:

Water Clarifier (Flocculant) Water Clarifier (Flocculant)

All-Season Pond Bacteria All-Season Pond Bacteria
(1 oz Dissolvable Blocks)

All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz. water-soluble packets)

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Whether you are solving existing pond problems or maintaining water quality in golf courses ponds and irrigation lakes, it is important to use as many natural products as possible, to avoid all the problems created by harsh chemicals. This not only protects the pond environment itself, but also helps to prohibit harm to the turfgrass when treated water is used to irrigate the turfgrass and other plants. Maintaining clean and clear water is also important for aesthetic reasons. While the water features do not make or break a golf course, many golfers do prefer to see clean, clear, water that is odor free. If they do not see this, it can leave a lasting bad impression.

Due to the high amounts of chemical and fertilizer runoff into golf course irrigation ponds, Superintendents are constantly involved in the fight to maintain clear pond water without adding more harsh chemicals. Super’s Choice is a complete line of pond maintenance products that helps to promote healthy and clear pond water in both irrigation lakes and ornamental golf course ponds. We offer products from concentrated pond dyes that improve the overall color of the water to pond bacteria, concentrated pond clarifier, and natural phosphate binder to improve the quality of the water. Our innovative and effective products are safe for humans, wildlife, and plants, including turfgrass. See the full range of our pond care products for golf course ponds and irrigation lakes on our Super’s Choice Products Page. The following are some important tips and products to help golf course Superintendents maintain healthy, clean, and clear pond water in their golf course water features and irrigation lakes.

Concentrated Water Clarifier for Settling Mud & Clay and Promoting Clear Pond Water

Our Super’s Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier is a safe flocculant. This product can be used to clear up murky water quickly and safely by pulling organic and inorganic particles together and settling them to the bottom of the pond. This creates clear pond water within days of applying the product. Organic particles commonly found in pond and lake water include decaying plant materials, grass clippings, and leaves. Inorganic materials usually include suspended mud and clay particles. Learn more about using water clarifier.

Beneficial Pond Bacteria for Cleaning Pond Water

Super's Choice beneficial pond bacterial can also be used in conjunction with our concentrated water clarifier, to greatly enhance the appearance and overall quality of golf course ponds. Our All-Season Pond Bacteria (Dissolvable Blocks) and our All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz Water-soluble Packets) are both all-natural products that are safe for use in irrigation lakes and other water features. They are designed to reduce problem nutrients, eliminate bottom-sludge (muck) and clear murky water and odors. These products work by adding beneficial pond bacteria to the pond or lake water. These bacteria naturally break down organic particles commonly found in the bottom sludge layer of lakes and ponds.