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Concentrated Pond Dye: Lake Dye for Golf Course Ponds

Concentrated BLUE or BLACK Pond Dye (Quarts)

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Concentrated Lake Dye for Ponds
Item # X3-LDC32-SC (Blue)
$28.99 / 32 fl oz Bottle
Item # X3-LDC32-BK-SC (Black)
$28.99 / 32 fl oz Bottle


  • Enhances the look of your water features
  • Turns dull gray or brown water into a pleasing natural blue or a deep reflective black
  • Safe and non toxic formula


Each quart (32 fl oz) will dye an entire surface acre of water up to 6 feet deep. (approximately 2 million gallons)

Applying pond dye to your irrigation ponds, lakes, or other water features is a simple and easy way to increase the beauty of your water. Golf course owners and Superintendents use pond dye to turn muddy and murky water into reflective black or blue surfaces. This is ideal especially for improving the look of the overall golf course and the appearance of individual ponds and lakes, making them more appealing for swimming.
This concentrated dye is safe for humans, fish, plants, irrigation water and turfgrass. This product is an ideal choice for use in golf course ponds, and resort lakes or ponds. If you are looking for a concentrated pond dye that will give your pond a natural blue or reflective and mysterious black surface, Super’s Choice concentrated lake dye is an ideal choice. Our quality pond dyes can be used in large irrigation ponds, decorative lakes and other water features. In addition to our liquid pond dye, we also offer concentrated blue lake dye in convenient, no mess, water soluble packets.

Amount of Pond Dye Needed

Our concentrated blue and black pond dyes, one quart is designed to treat an entire surface acre of water (approximately 2 million gallons). To calculate the total number of gallons of water in your pond or lake, use the simple equation:
Length (ft) x width (ft) x average depth (ft) x 7.5 = approx. volume (gallons)

Pond Dye Application for Lakes and Ponds

Simply apply our Super’s Choice blue or black lake colorant in small amounts in various spots near the shoreline of your pond or lake. This concentrated liquid dye will spread quickly throughout the water. For best results, you can aid the dispersion process by using an aerator or fountain. Within 24 hours, your pond or lake should be a deep blue or black depending on the color applied.

When to Apply Pond Dye

While pond dye can be applied at any time year round, the first pond dye application is best made in early spring. Additional applications can be added as needed to maintain the desired color for your pond. The frequency of applications will vary, depending on the amount of water leaving or entering your pond. In general, concentrated pond dye will last approximately 2-4 months in a contained pond.