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Super's Choice is a premium line of pond maintenance products specifically designed for golf course Superintendents. They are formulated for use in irrigation ponds and other ornamental ponds, as they contain no harsh chemicals that might harm turfgrass, humans, or fish. If you have any questions about our environmentally friendly pond care products or how to apply them, please feel free to complete the form below. If you are interested in becoming a Super's Choice Distributor, please see our Become a Distributor section or contact us for more information.

Pond Care Questions

We have many years experience in the Turf industry and in applying water treatments. It is this superior knowledge of both that has allowed us to create the perfect pond maintenance line of products for golf course Superintendents. For information on environmentally friendly pond maintenance tips, please view our Pond Resources Section.

Improve the Look of Your Ornamental Ponds

Our Super's Choice pond maintenance supplies and products are designed to improve the overall look of your ornamental ponds and lakes on golf courses. Whether these water features are used for irrigation or simply for aesthetic appeal, it is important to maintain good water quality. The Super's Choice line of pond treatments are an environmentally friendly way to keep your water features clean and odor free. Our Concentrated Pond Dyes are an excellent way to quickly enhance the appearance of your pond. By using our concentrated blue or our black pond dye, you can add instant depth and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the pond and lake water. Our Super's All-Season Pond Bacteria offer a non-chemical alternative to eliminating murky water, bottom sludge (muck), problem nutrients and odors. In addition, this formulation contains multiple species of cold-water bacteria which can perform in water temperatures as low as 35 F. We offer our pond bacteria formulation in easy-to-apply water-soluble packets and dissolvable blocks. We also offer an Natural Phosphate Binder that is a non-chemical replacement for aluminum sulfate (ALUM) and a Concentrated Water Clarifier that settles out mud & clay particles to create clear water.