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Concentrated Water Clarifier (Flocculant)

Concentrated Water Clarifier (Food-Grade Flocculant)

Food-Grade Water Clarifier for Ponds
Item # FL128-CON-SC
$69.99 / 128 fl oz Bottle

Our Super’s Choice Food-Grade Water Clarifier is one of the most concentrated liquid flocculants available today. The food-grade formula also makes it one of the safest. This product is ideal for treating large ponds and lakes, including golf course irrigation ponds and other ornamental ponds. Our formulation is safe for humans, animals and fish. In addition, this water clarifier can be used to clean pond water in irrigation lakes since it will not harm turfgrass when the treated water is used as irrigation water. Our water clarifier works to clear up murky water by pulling together and settling out suspended organic and inorganic particles. When used as recommended, this product will pull these organic particles such as decaying plant material, grass clippings, leaves, and fish wastes to the bottom of your ponds and lakes. In addition, it is effective in clearing inorganic mud and clay particles in the same way. As a result, your pond and lake water appears clearer due to the settling out of these suspended particles.

Our water clarifier is an ideal product for use in golf course ponds and large irrigation lakes. It helps to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of your golf course ponds by eliminating murky water caused by suspended mud and clay particles. Our water clarifier is manufactured from food-grade ingredients making it safer for use in irrigation lakes and ornamental golf course ponds. This product will not harm turfgrass or interact with fertilizers and other chemicals when treated water is used on the turfgrass or other plants. To learn more about using our water clarifier in combination with other safe and effective Super’s Choice products for achieving clear pond water, view the information provided on our Pond Maintenance Resources Page.

Benefits of our Food-Grade Water Clarifier for Golf Course Ponds

Super’s Choice Food-Grade Water Clarifier is an ideal flocculant for clearing mud and clay in golf course ponds and irrigation lakes. This product helps to promote clear pond water by eliminating murky water caused by suspended particles. The following are some of the main benefits and advantages of using our concentrated water clarifier in your large pond or lake.

  • Our water clarifier and flocculant clears murky and cloudy pond water.
  • This chemical free flocculant removes inorganic suspended particles including mud and clay.
  • Our concentrated water clarifier promotes clean water by removing organic suspended solids such as grass clippings, leaves, fish wastes, and decaying plant life.
  • This water clarifier is a safe and natural food-grade formula.
  • Our concentrated liquid water clarifier is safe for use in ponds and lakes - even irrigation ponds that are used to water turfgrass and other plants.

How to Use Our Water Clarifier

To remove suspended particles and clear murky water from your lake or pond, apply 1 gallon of concentrated liquid flocculant per 250,000 gallons of pond or lake water. The water clarifier product will immediately begin to pull together suspended organic and inorganic particles, then settle them out to the bottom of the pond. To achieve the best results, this product should be mixed with pond or lake water prior to being sprayed over the entire surface of the pond or lake. For problem ponds, a second application may be required within 48 hours of the first dose.