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Beneficial Pond Bacteria: Cleaning Your Pond Naturally

Pond Products:

All-Season Pond Bacteria All-Season Pond Bacteria
(1 oz Dissolvable Blocks)

All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz. water-soluble packets)

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If you are looking for a safe and natural product for treating and cleaning your pond, beneficial bacteria are an effective way to reduce murky water as well as muck and sludge, in large ponds or lakes. Our Super’s Choice line of beneficial pond bacteria products includes both 1 oz pond bacteria blocks and 8 oz pond bacteria packets with barley straw. Each of these products are made from natural ingredients that are safe for humans, fish, animals, plants and wildlife. In addition, our pond bacteria products contain naturally occurring strains of beneficial pond bacteria, which are ideal for use in both warm and cool water with temperatures range from 95 F, down to 35 F. These naturally occurring beneficial pond bacteria are completely safe for humans, animals, fish, and plants. This means they are ideal for using on golf courses in irrigation ponds, as they will not harm grass or other plant life.

Benefits of Pond Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial pond bacteria is a backbone product for pond and lake maintenance, especially for golf course Superintendents. This is because fertilizer runoff adds problem-causing nitrogen and phosphorus to ponds and lakes. Our beneficial pond bacteria will naturally eliminate these problem-causing nutrients. They will simultaneously eliminate bottom-sludge (muck), murky water and odors. They also ensure a well balanced eco system, and help ensure good water quality in irrigation ponds and lakes. The following are some of the major benefits and advantages of using either of our beneficial bacteria products in your pond. For more information about using pond bacteria, see our All-Season Pond Bacteria Page.

  • Beneficial pond bacteria naturally breaks down organic muck and bottom-sludge, including dead and decaying algae, leaves, fish wastes, excess fish food, and excess fertilizer.
  • When used in lakes or ponds, our beneficial pond bacteria create clean, clear and odor free water.
  • Beneficial pond bacteria reduce high levels of ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and phosphates that can enter the water from decaying plant debris and fertilizer runoff.
  • Pond bacteria are beneficial for reducing unpleasant odors in lakes or ponds.
  • Super’s Choice pond bacteria is natural and contains NO harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is safe for irrigation systems and turfgrass.

Why Use Pond Beneficial Bacteria for Naturally Cleaning your Pond

Super’s Choice beneficial pond bacteria can be used as a safe and natural way to clean lakes and ponds. Our beneficial pond bacteria products are made of naturally occurring strains of bacteria, commonly found in lakes and ponds. Due to a number of reasons, including climate changes and fertilizer runoff in manmade irrigation ponds and decorative lakes, the proper balance of beneficial bacteria does not always exist. This results mucky water, sludge buildup, and even unpleasant odors. Our beneficial pond bacteria restores balance to the eco-system, and quickly eliminates these common pond and lake problems.

In addition to using beneficial pond bacteria in your lake or pond, it is also recommended to add an aerator or fountain to improve water clarity and reduce bottom sludge and muck. Aerators introduce oxygen to your pond, which stimulates the pond bacteria and ensures they perform at the highest capacity to break down organic wastes and problem nutrients.