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Using Pond Clarifiers and Pond Flocculants in Golf Course Irrigation Ponds

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Water Clarifier (Flocculant) Water Clarifier (Flocculant)

All-Season Pond Bacteria All-Season Pond Bacteria
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All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz. water-soluble packets)

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Why are Golf Course Ponds Prone to Clarity Problems

Golf course Superintendents are all too familiar with the problems related to maintaining good water quality in their golf course ponds and irrigation lakes. In general, ponds, lakes, and other water features on golf courses suffer from a variety of problems, such as of chemical imbalances from fertilizer runoff and an abundance of decaying plant wastes from grass clippings to dead and decaying algae and weeds that have been killed by pesticides. Also, leaves from surrounding trees and shrubs frequently blow into the pond.

Super's Choice Pond Clarifier is a concentrated flocculant used to settle out mud and clay particles in irrigation ponds. It contains no harsh chemicals and is safe for turfgrass as well as other wildlife, plants, and fish. On our website, you can view our other safe and effective pond treatment products and learn about using our Pond Clarifiers to promote clear pond water on our Pond Resources Page.

What are Pond Clarifiers and Flocculants

Pond Clarifiers and Pond Flocculants are designed to address the common causes of poor water quality including suspended organic and inorganic particles. In general, these particles are too small settle to the bottom of the pond or lake, and therefore remain suspended in the body of water, causing murkiness and cloudy water. Super's Choice Pond Clarifier works by pulling together small organic and inorganic particles, resulting in larger particles that can settle to the bottom of the pond. A big advantage of using flocculants as pond clarifiers is that they offer results in days instead of weeks, which it may take to see results from other types of pond clarifiers.

Our Super’s Choice Concentrated Water Clarifier is a concentrated liquid pond flocculant that is designed to clear up murky water. This pond clarifier works to address the two main causes of murky water, thus eliminating the problem. Our pond clarifier removes organic particles such as grass clippings, leaves, decaying plant materials, and fish wastes. It also removes inorganic particles such as mud and clay. Our Pond Clarifier pulls together these particles and settles them to the bottom of the pond. This eliminates most murky water problems. Our All-Season Pond Bacteria formulations will also eliminate murky water by biodegrading the organic suspended solids. In addition, the pond bacteria will also eliminate bottom sludge, problem nutrients and odors.

Using Pond Clarifiers and Pond Flocculants

When you are using our Super’s Choice Pond Clarifier product to eliminate murky water in your pond or lake, you should follow our recommended dosing and application instructions. These can be found on the product packaging and on our Concentrated Water Clarifier product information page. One general thing to remember when applying a pond clarifier or flocculant to your pond is that the product will work best when it is more evenly distributed throughout the pond. For this reason, we recommend mixing the concentrated liquid with water, then spraying the final solution evenly over the entire surface of the pond or lake.