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Tips and Products for Maintaining Golf Course Irrigation Ponds

Pond Products:

All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz. water-soluble packets)

Natural Phosphate Binder for Ponds Natural Phosphate Binder

Water Clarifier (Flocculant) Water Clarifier (Flocculant)

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Maintaining golf course irrigation ponds can be tricky. They offer a set of unique challenges that are not necessarily found in other pond maintenance projects. Golf course ponds often experience high chemical imbalances due to fertilizer runoff. In addition, it is common to find greater amounts of decaying organic debris in ponds located on golf courses, due to the grass clippings and other plant debris that enter the water daily. This is caused by daily turfgrass maintenance, the use of pesticides to kill unwanted algae and other aquatic plants, and leaves blowing in from nearby trees, plants and shrubs. As a result of these and other natural processes, it is common for golf course ponds to have murky water and a large accumulation of bottom sludge (muck). In addition, these ponds and other water features may have strong unpleasant odors.

For golf course Superintendents, proper ornamental pond and irrigation pond maintenance is an important aspect of grounds maintenance. Although ponds and lakes may not be as important to the golfer as the turfgrass, a pond that is not properly maintained can leave a negative impression. Customers expect a golf course to provide beautiful views and outstanding scenery. So if your ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes are less than their best, it can bring down customer satisfaction. With maintenance tips and our safe & effective Super’s Choice line of water treatments, you can make your pond maintenance easier and safer than ever. Our water treatments are made without harsh chemicals, and so are ideal for use in a wide range of ponds and lakes, especially irrigation ponds, since the treated water can safely be used to irrigate turfgrass.

Pond Maintenance Tips for Large Ponds and Lakes on Golf Courses

It is important to remember that ponds and lakes themselves are small ecosystems, and therefore, they require basic maintenance in order to preserve the proper balance. The following are some basic pond maintenance tips for promoting a natural, healthy pond environment in irrigation ponds - without adding harsh chemicals!

  • Add Beneficial Pond Bacteria: Beneficial pond bacteria occur naturally in healthy ponds and lakes, and help to maintain the proper balance of the ecosystem. They increase water quality by decomposing organic waste materials such as excess grass clippings, leaves, fish wastes and decaying plant material. In addition, they help balance water quality by reducing high levels of problem causing nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates. We offer premium formulations consisting of naturally occurring beneficial pond bacteria in dissolvable 1 oz blocks to treat the bottom sludge (muck). We also offer beneficial pond bacteria with barley straw to treat the water column.
  • Add Natural Phosphate Binder: Our plant based phosphate binder can non-chemically bind problem causing phosphate in pond water. In addition, since it is plant based, it offers a non-chemical replacement to aluminum sulfate (ALUM). This unique product is ideal for wetland areas and sensitive habitats. Besides binding problem causing phosphate, this innovative formula also adds over 70 trace minerals to the ecosystem.
  • Maintain Proper Aeration: Another important pond maintenance tip is aeration. Dissolved oxygen in lakes and ponds is key, as it helps encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria (those occurring naturally as well as those supplied by Super’s Choice). Aerators can also help distribute pond treatment products quickly and evenly throughout the entire pond, improving their effectiveness. In addition, dissolved oxygen is necessary for fish and other aquatic life, as well as to discourage disease causing microbes from flourishing. The smaller the pond, the easier it is to become eutrophic. Small ponds have a greater need for aeration and/or fountains.

Environmentally Friendly Pond Maintenance Products

The Super’s Choice line of premium pond maintenance products are produced without harsh chemicals, and are safe for use in golf course irrigation ponds and lakes as they will not harm turfgrass or other plants. The following are some of the safe and effective pond maintenance products in the Super’s Choice line.