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Super’s Choice Pond Products Website Map

Super’s Choice is a premium line of water treatments for pond care and maintenance of golf course ponds. it has specifically been designed for golf course Superintendents. Our products are safe and effective and contain NO harsh chemicals. They are safe for humans, fish, plants, and for use in irrigation water that will be used on turfgrass. So they are not only the perfect choice for treating ornamental ponds, but also for treating irrigation lakes. The following site map will help you navigate our website to find important information about our products and using them for pond care and maintenance.

  • Super’s Choice Pond Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies: On our Super’s Choice home page, you can learn about our environmentally friendly pond cleaning and maintenance supplies, designed specifically for golf course Superintendents.
  • Super’s Choice Pond Care Products for Golf Course Irrigation Lakes: Our products page shows a description of each innovative pond maintenance product. These products offer chemical free pond maintenance, and are designed for use in golf course ponds, including irrigation lakes.
    • All-Season Pond Bacteria with Barley Straw (8 oz Water-Soluble Packets): This biological pond maintenance product is formulated using beneficial pond bacteria strains, which promote clean, healthy pond water, and can perform in water temperatures as low as 35 F and as high as 105 F. These beneficial bacteria will eliminate murky water and bottom-sludge (muck) created by organic wastes. They will also reduce excess problem nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. This product also contains pulverized barley straw and has been packaged in easy to use, pre-measured 8 oz water-soluble packets, so is very easy to dose into large lakes and ponds.
    • All-Season Pond Bacteria (1 oz Dissolvable Blocks): This biological product is the same blend of beneficial pond bacteria as the above formula. It also eliminates murky water and bottom-sludge, as well as reduces excess problem nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. This product has been packaged in easy to use, pre-measured 1 oz dissolvable blocks, so is ideal for treating bottom-sludge in large lakes and ponds.
    • Concentrated BLUE Lake Dye Quarts: Each concentrated quart of BLUE lake dye treats one surface acre of water, up to 6 feet deep. This formulation is ideal for use in ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes.
    • Concentrated BLACK Lake Dye Quarts: Each concentrated quart of BLACK lake dye also treats one surface acre of water, up to 6 feet deep.
    • Natural Phosphate Binder: Our Natural Phosphate Binder is a non-chemical alternative to aluminum sulfate (ALUM), for use in wetland areas and other sensitive areas where chemicals cannot be used (or are not desired), such as irrigation lakes on golf courses. This formula is plant-based. It will bind problem causing phosphate, as well as add over 70 trace minerals to the pond water.
    • Concentrated Water Clarifier: This concentrated flocculant can be used to improve water clarity naturally in ponds and lakes. It works by combining small organic and inorganic particles and settling them to the bottom of the pond.
  • Pond Care and Maintenance Resources: In our pond resources section, you can find information that is designed for golf course Superintendents to help them better understand natural pond maintenance techniques and the use of safer water treatment products.
  • Become a Distributor of Super’s Choice Environmentally Friendly Pond Products: On this page you can find information about becoming a Distributor of the Super’s Choice line of environmentally friendly pond maintenance supplies.
  • Contact Us: Here you can contact us with pond maintenance questions or for more information about any of our pond care water treatment products.
  • Privacy Policy for Super’s Choice: Read our Privacy Policy in detail.
  • Site Map: You can view our site map for a textual representation of the pond care information that is available throughout our website.